In Vino Veritas

As a German (Sümer), the subject of wine is not exactly in our cradle – at least this is true for my generation from the 70s/80s. So it’s not surprising that my pain threshold was 2.99 euros per bottle for a long time, until I was asked to realize a project for Gruppo Italiano Vini, Italy’s largest wine exporter, during my communications studies.

The question at the time was whether it would be possible to use brand management to better position the topic of wine in the German “beer country” and interest society in it. During the project, I learned that I was not the only 2.99 border crosser and that 70% of wine sales were implemented through the discounters.

Over the years I came professionally to Durst in Bressanone and it was here that I first learned about wine culture and how to measure things not by their price but by their value.

Vinus, Peter’s wine bistro was the school in this and Peter was a patient teacher who let all my (price) excitements and taste distortions wash over him. But what is wine, what is the appropriate price and how does the professional behind the counter judge that? See what Peter has to say and what wine has to do with food.